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  • Fish Processing in Thailand

    Fish Processing

    The world has become a global market place, where fish caught in the North Atlantic, is transported frozen to Asia, processed and frozen again, then transported to America and sold in supermarkets or canteens in the USA. Thorp Consulting has connections to all stages of the value chain of modern seafood business.

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    Management Consulting

    Thorp Consulting has 20 years of various consultancy experience, covering: Strategic Planning, Market Analysis, Market Entry Strategy and others. Our Mission is to improve your competitive position.

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    Fleet Renovation

    Many countries are facing an aging fishing fleet, which also lacks modern fishing gear and equipment. Other countries are facing a situation where too many vessels are fishing over-exploited fish stocks. The management of fishing effort, construction of Fisheries Management System and Surveillance, is therefore a critical aspect of all fisheries.

  • Tanzania

    Fisheries in Africa

    Many believe that Africa will be the food-basket of the future. Thorp Consulting has conducted various fisheries related projects in Africa, in countries like; Tanzania, Morocco, Namibia and South Africa. One of the services Thorp Consulting offers, is to conduct a Master Plan in Fisheries, something many African countries need right now.

  • Chilled Seafood2

    Chilling of Seafood

    Nothing secures longer shelf life of seafood as Rapid Controlled Chilling. Chilling with Slurry Ice, immediately after catch, is the best way to bring down the temperature fast and efficiently and by that, withhold the quality of the raw material. Chilling of seafood is a vital element in seafood and food processing. Thor-Ice ehf (www.thorice.is) a world leading manufacturer of Slurry Ice machines and systems, is one of our clients.

  • Moroccan Sardine

    Moroccan Sardines

    In 2002-2004, Thorp Consulting worked on a Joint Venture between Moroccan and Icelandic companies. The goal was to catch, process, market and sell Moroccan sardine and mackerel to international markets. The project was issued 60.000 tons of pelagic species in Moroccan waters, in 2004.

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    Icelandic Fisheries

    Iceland has been among the world's leading fishing nations for years. Some of the companies in fisheries, processing and manufacturing of equipment and machinery for the fishing and fish processing industry in Iceland are among the world leaders in their field. Thorp Consulting is your gateway to the Icelandic fishing industry.

  • Smokkfiskbatar i Marokko

    International Fisheries

    Thorp Consulting has over 20 years of experience within international fisheries and seafood. Countries in which Thorp Consulting has operated, include; Morocco, Malaysia, Argentina, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia and others.

Moroccan Tea

Management Consulting is also about knowing your customer.

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Specialized Consulting in Fisheries Over 24 years of experience in Icelandic and International Fisheries.

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The key to innovation is knowledge. Thorp Consulting helps you plan your educational strategy.