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Meeting Facilitation

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Meeting Facilitation

Thorp Consulting offers a structured approach when companies need to organize difficult In-house meetings.
The process is as follows:

  • We come in and help to formulate meeting objectives, goals and structure
  • We gather background information about the company and its operation, and generate a brief situation analysis
  • We, together with the management of the company,  structure the meeting and make all the practical arrangements
  • We run and cheer the meeting, which gives the Managing Director a change to step aside, and place him/her at the same level as other staff members
  • We summarize the meeting findings and present to the Management.

Typical meetings of this type would be: Decisions on a turn-around strategy, cost cutting decisions, strategic planning, company culture, merger and acquisitions, entry strategies etc.

The benefits: The Managing Director can step aside and let an ,,outsider" take the heat of leading the meeting, as well as summarizing and drawing conclusions, which will not be colored by positions or people.