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Strategic Planning

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Knowing where to go, why, how, when and with whom ... should not be the question

Strategic Planning is and should be an ongoing process within any company, institution or an organization. Thorp Consulting offers a comprehensive services covering the main aspects of the strategic planning process:

  • Situation analysis (SWOT)
  • Environmental analysis (PESTLE)
  • Conducting scenarios and visions. Sometimes management teams like to start by drawing up a vision of the future, and then roll back to reality, by defining stepping stones and actions on the way. Another way is to create the future vision based on the company's current situation (point 1 and 2). Both ways have one thing in common; it is the consultant's job to keep the management team on the ground in their goal setting and vision creation. This process must be realistic, or the outcome is likely to fail
  • Goal setting, action plans and definition of responsibility and authority
  • Writing the final report
  • Presentation and suggestions.